Monday, June 30, 2014

Primal Speed Workshop in La Jolla, CA


Primal Speed

 Sprinting Workshop

Enhancing Speed, Power, Movement and Reflexes through Sprinting

Presented by 

Primal Speed Co-Creator and Chief Instructor 

Franz Snideman

Saturday August 9, 2014

Revolution Fitness, La Jolla, California

Primal Speed, a "movement" based system, is designed to restore basic human power, movement and function as well as to enhance the full spectrum of human movement through training in sprint bio-mechanics, with the use of sprinting games and awareness drills. 

The ultimate goal of Primal Speed is to teach participants how to cultivate their ability to respond, react and move with speed, quickness and power, regardless of the situation, activity or environment.


Primal Speed principles emphasize safety, health and sustainability and educate people of all ages and abilities on how to move their bodies the way they were intended to move, in addition to creating faster athletes. 

  (Professional Big Wave Surfer Jamie Sterling Practicing the Primal Speed Methods)

Sprinting is a natural birthright that must be re-claimed in this present day and age.

The Primal Speed Course couples all theory taught with practical and experiential learning and will cover:

Primal Speed Sprinting Mechanics and associated Drills


Array of starts

The role of Body Mechanics in Acceleration


How to Decelerate safely and quickly in various positions

The importance of Deceleration in relation to Acceleration

Mechanics of Cutting

Cutting Edge Training Tools to support Sprinting

Benefits, Techniques and Importance 

Practical Experience of Techniques and Exercises

Maximum Velocity 

How to design effective and safe Sprint training programs for clients.

How to implement Sprint training in GROUP settings

Assessments - Including FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

Importance in SHORT DISTANCE training (10m, 20m and 30) in sports and general health

Jumping and Landing Mechanics

Primal Speed Sprinting Games

Participants will receive all training manuals on the day of the course. 


About Primal Speed Instructor

Franz Snideman, is a former Collegiate Sprinter, International Lecturer, Expert Kettlebell and Primal Move Instructor, business owner, and co-developer of Primal Speed. Believing in the fundamental importance of educating and coaching his clients in safe, healthy and holistic approach to athleticism, coupled with impeccable attention to detail, bio-mechanics and skill in accommodating and adapting training regimes to support and enhance individual’s unique abilities and needs, he is personal coach to clients and professional athletes and lectures internationally, driven to share his knowledge and skill, theoretically and practically.  

Inspired by their shared passion in healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development, anatomy and personal experience, the Snideman brothers created this dynamic Primal Speed System, taught internationally in the USA, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico.

For further details on certification and achievements, please visit his website at:

Primal Speed Sprinting Course

Where: Revolution Fitness

7580 Fay Ave, La Jolla CA, 92037

Date: Saturday 9 August 2014

Time: 9am - 5pm

For enrollment, please sign up online: 


Early Bird or Group Discount:   $199

This Discount applies if participants enroll and pay before the 15th of July,  OR 

If a group of three or more sign up for the course together before the 1st of August. 

Single Participants enrolling after July 15th: $299

Enrollment after August 1, or at the door:  $349

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Primal Speed Sprinting Course - Chicago, IL

How To Master The Essentials of Sprinting

Sprinting Course
Instructed by Primal Speed Master Instructor
Franz Snideman

(Jamie Sterling - Professional Big Wave Surfer and Red Bull Team Rider, practicing Acceleration drills at our San Diego based facility Revolution Fitness)

Enhance your Speed, Power , Movement
and ReflexesThrough Sprinting

Primal Speed Sprinting Course
Center-Fit Studio

(Limited Space)

Montgomery, IL
April 6, 2014
9 Hour Intensive Course

 (Primal Speed Course Mexico City, 2012)

We are very pleased to announce the 2014 Primal Speed Sprinting Course to the Chicago area. The last two years (2012 and 2013) were exciting years as Primal Speed Sprinting Principles and Certifications were taught in Europe, Brazil, the U.S. and in Mexico. Primal Speed is creating the coach of the future, a coach fully capable of teaching sprinting, jumping, cutting (change of direction), acceleration and deceleration with the emphasis on SAFETY, HEALTH and SUSTAINABILITY.

What is Primal Speed?

Primal Speed - is a "movement" based program designed to enhance the full spectrum of 
 human movement through training in sprint bio-mechanics, sprinting games and awareness drills. The ultimate goal of Primal Speed is to teach each person to cultivate the ability to react, respond and move with speed, quickness and power, regardless of the environment.

The Primal Speed System was created out of the deep need for restoring basic human power movements and function. The goal is not to just create faster athletes in football or sports, the goal is to teach people of all ages and abilities to move their bodies the way they were intended to move. Sprinting is a natural birthright that must be re-claimed in this present day and age.

  What will you learn at the Primal Speed Course?

  • Primal Speed Sprinting Mechanics and all associated Drills
    • Arm Mechanics
    • Marching A's , Skipping A's, Running A's
    • Marching B's, Skipping B's, Running B's
    • Butt Kickers
    • Step over / Drive down
    • Scissors
    • Karioka
    • Basic Skipping, side skipping, back skipping
    • and more
  • Acceleration
    • The different type of starts - Hard Starts vs. Flow starts
    • Prone, Supine, Partner Acceleration Starts
    • The importance of the arms in acceleration
  • Deceleration
    • How to decelerate safely and quickly in many different positions
    • Lunging, back lunging, explosive jump stops
    • The importance of combining deceleration with acceleration

  • Change of Direction
    • Cutting at different angles
    • Mechanics of safe cutting
  • Medicine Ball Training
    • For more Explosive Starts
    • For rotational power and explosiveness
    • For general conditioning and stamina
  • The importance of TEMPO training
  • Maximum Velocity Training
  • Learn how to design effective and safe Sprint training programs for students /clients.
  • How to combine Kettlebells, weights with sprinting
  • Implementing Sprint training in GROUPS
  • Assessment Concepts / Including FMS (Functional Movement Scree) concepts
  • `Why SHORT DISTANCES (10m, 20m &30M) are the most important distances for sports and for health
  • Jumping and Landing Mechanics
  • Primal Speed Sprinting Games

  • What are the Benefits of taking a Primal Speed Sprinting Course?

    • You will be able to safely and effectively teach sprinting mechanics to all types of people.
    • You can advertise and market a sprinting program as part of your business or practice.
    • You will have access to support material including Articles and videos on the Primal Speed website.
    • We will save you literally years of time by teaching you the most PRACTICAL and SAFE sprinting drills that deliver the fastest RESULTS.
    • You will receive a comprehensive manual full of CUTTING EDGE information that will improve your value as a coach and expert.
    • Primal Speed is great for KIDS, as teaching kids proper running and sprinting mechanics is essential for a lifetime of athleticism and activity.

    Primal Speed Sprinting Course
    April 6, 2014
    Center-Fit Studio
    2050 Albright Road
    Montombery, IL 60538 
    8am - 5pm

    PRICE $299 - Early Bird Discount

    Price goes up to $347 on March 20, 2014

    Contact: for more info

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    5 Key Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning to Sprint

    We live in a society of instant gratification. People want instant results and expect miracles to happen over night. Not sure how and why this trend became so prevalent in our society but it doesn't seem to be getting better.  At the end of the day, progress in any endeavor is built slowly over time one session at a time.  The same in true when learning how to sprint. Sprinting is an incredibly stimulating and fun form of locomotion but it must be treated with the proper respect because doing too much too soon will only lead to burnout and injury.

    These following 5 mistakes are the most common mistakes that beginners make when learning how to sprint.  

    #1 -  Attempting to Sprint without proper knowledge on how to sprint

    What may have been natural for primal man is no longer natural for modern man.  The fact is that the average person has no business performing sprints because they have no knowledge on how to sprint well and they are not in condition to tolerate the stresses of sprinting. 

    Main Advice: Get COACHING prior to engaging in this primal activity. If you get injured sprinting it is your fault.  Sprinting is a skill that can and must learned. Sprinters are made over time.

    # 2 - No Focus on Sprinting Drills

    The classic sprinting drills like arm mechanics, marching (skipping, running) A's, B Skips and C's, are essential in teaching you how to master the mechanics of sprinting.   By breaking down sprint mechanics you literally teach your nervous system one chunk at time the separate biomechanical components that are needed to piece together a fully integrated sprint. 

    Main Advice: It is easier to isolate first the separate components and then integrate everything together. Motor learning is easier for most people when you break it down into smaller parts.

    # 3 - Too much focus on Longer Distances

    Somehow over the last several decades our fitness industry and culture has become so fascinated with fatigue and doing more work rather than quality work. True speed work we can place in the Alactic Energy System which involves high intensity work from up 10 seconds.  The Primal Speed System focuses on this system and the RAW application of acceleration.

    Main Advice: When Learning how to sprint we emphasize focusing on the shorter distances (10 to 60 meters).  The goal of Primal Speed is to work on the REAL application of SPEED and POWER and that means running shorter distances.  Quality over Quantity!!

    #4 - Trying to Lengthen the Stride to Increase Speed

    This is the absolutely WORST THING  you could do to increase speed. Intentionally trying to lengthen your stride will increase the chance of injury and will reinforce the bad habit of the foot not landing underneath your center of mass. 

    Maid Advice: we never teach over striding. A longer stride will be the natural by product of putting more force into the ground. It's about FORCE PRODUCTION.

    #5 - Trying to Increase Stride Frequency

    This is another huge mistake. Short quick steps will decrease force production as well. We do not coach stride frequency. 

    Main Advice: Focus on Power and Force Production which is a combination of powerful arm mechanics and driving force into the earth with each stride.

    Sprinting is a skill that is cultivated over time. Treat your sprinting like a "practice" and be patient.  Focus on the fundamentals and mechanics and you will excel in your sprint technique and really start to enjoy the process. 

    I would love to get your feedback as well as answer any of your sprinting questions.

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    101 Reasons Why You Need to Learn How To Sprint

    This post is a part of a series of posts that I am calling "Intentional Athleticism." (IA) What is IA? It is being intentional in your training by choosing to work on motor qualities and aptitudes that you have never worked on or need to work on. For many people sprinting is the perfect antidote to making them more athletic and well rounded.  Let us begin!!!

    Every New Year brings the promise of great things to come, new and improved, your best year ever, more happiness and the desire for achievement.  Honestly, I have never been a guy to make too many new years resolutions but nevertheless, it is always good to set clear meaningful goals and follow through on them.  So this upcoming year I am going to challenge you to learn how to sprint. This means learning everything from the technique and mechanics to the program design. Am I secretly trying to turn everyone into a sprinter? Well, yes, that would be nice.

    You see, we live in a time where speed is essential in so many industries and could literally means the difference of some companies staying afloat or going out of business. People expect fast service, fast delivery,  fast communication and faster cell phone coverage. Ironically, these same people do not expect the same from their bodies. The ability to SPRINT (and I am not talking about the cell phone company) is becoming a lost motor quality and lost art.

    Do you want to be become more athletic? If the answer is yes, than learn how to sprint. 

    As humans become more dependent on machines and technology, they not only move less, they move slower and with less intention. I call this “De-evolution.”  With this activity schedule and mindset we will evolve into something less than what the creator had designed.  We were designed to move well, move a lot and move with grace, nimbleness and speed.

    So that is why I compiled this list of 101 reasons to learn how to sprint; to encourage you to reap the benefits of sprinting. So without further do, the 101 reasons:

    101 Reasons

    1. Learning to Sprint will increase your fast twitch muscle activation.
    2. Sprinting will teach you how to apply more force into the ground which means you will be more powerful and faster
    3. Improving your sprint  mechanics will make you faster.
    4Sprinting will increase the brain connection between the left and right brain hemispheres.
    5Sprinters are typically very lean. Want to get leaner? Start sprinting.
    6 . Sprinting (from a metabolic standpoint) can increase your ability to burn fat all the time.
    7 . Sprinting can increase growth hormone output.
    8 . Sprinting can increase Testosterone and other anabolic properties in the body. 
    9. Learning to sprint will help you become a better learner of any other movement.
    10. Sprinting is FUN. (this alone is reason to do it)
      11. Speed gained from sprinting makes you a weapon on the sporting field.
    12. The faster athletes usually dominate in sporting situations.
    13. Sprinting makes your connective tissue more resilient.
    14. Sprinting is the ultimate plyometric activity.
    15. Sprinting can make you jump higher.
    16. Sprinting can make you jump farther.
    17. Learning to sprint means you can have MORE FUN WITH YOUR KIDS during activity.
    18. Sprinting is a good skill to have as a child, especially if your sister is trying to hit you.
    19. Sprinting enhances reflexive stability.
    20. Sprinting makes your joints stronger.
    21. Sprinting makes your bones stronger.
    22. Sprinting makes your muscles and fascia stronger.
    23. Sprinting is healthy for your central nervous system.
    24. Sprinting is a great litmus test for orthopedic and neurologic health.
    25. Sprinting is highly demanding on the CNS (making it a potent activator of the CNS).
    26. Sprinting does not require a huge time commitment. A little bit goes a long way.
    27. Sprinting requires that you sprint short distances.
    28. Sprinting has a very HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT due to high neurologic, hormonal, muscular and orthopedic demand. You sprint fast and you activate everything.
    29. Sprinting is systemic. The entire system gets worked.
    30. Sprinting increases intra-muscular coordination.
    31. Sprinting increases inter-muscular coordination.
    32. Sprinting CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.
    33. Sprinting can help you save the lives of others.
    34. You can sprint anywhere.
    35. You can sprint at any time.
    36.  Sprinting can save you money because you won’t have to buy expensive cardio machines.
    37. Faster people  are harder to kill.
    38. Sprinting can increase your strength in the gym.
    39. Sprinting fast feels like you are flying.
    40. Sprinting increases endorphin release.
    41. Sprinting teaches you to use your ARMS in a very dynamic and powerful way.
    42. Your arms become stronger.
    43. Sprinting engages the CORE and TORSO in a major way.
    44. Sprinters have some of the best SIX PACK ABS of all athletes.
    45. Sprinters have incredibly defined shoulders and arms.
    46. Sprinters have beautifully shaped legs.
    47. Sprinters have super lean legs.
    48. Sprinters have glutes (marathoners typically do not).

    49. Sprinting improves your glute strength.
    50. Sprinting increases hamstring strength.
    51. Sprinting increases calf strength.
    52. Sprinting improves upper body strength.
    53. Sprinting improves the function of your hips.
    54. Sprinting is a HIP DOMINANT activity.
    55. Sprinting improves TRIPLE EXTENION of the ankle, knee and hip.
    56. Sprinting improves TRIPLE FLEXION of the ankle, knee and hip.
    57. Sprinting looks bad ass!
    58. Sprinting is BAD ASS
    59. Being a great sprinter allows you to beat people in races at the beach or at parties.
    60. Sprinting requires focus and discipline, two attributes that make life better.
    61. Sprinting  allows you to be a good Samaritan as you chase the mugger down the street to retrieve the purse that he just stole.
    62. Linear speed will help you in the 100 meter dash.
    63. Chasing your opponent down in a flag football games feels so nice!!
    64. Sprinting is the foundation of all field sports (soccer, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, football).
    65. Sprinting is the foundational movement of basketball.
    66. Sprinting is the foundational movement in Hockey (even though it’s on ice).
    67. Even Volleyball players need to Sprint during their matches.
    68. Sprinting skill will improve your tennis game.
    69. Sprinting will improve your reactions in racket ball, Squash and badmitton.
    70. When your plane arrives late, sprinting will help you catch your connecting flight at the airport.
    71. Sprinting could help you avoid getting hit by the truck heading down the street that you didn’t see before hand.
    72. Sprinting will help you catch that subway that is about to leave.
    73. Sprinting down a beautiful forest trail is truly magical.
    74. Sprinting on the beach is challenging yet so good for you.
    75. Sprinting up hills may be one of the best forms of exercise you could ever do.
    76. The ability to sprint was and is one of the most essential skills for be a predator.
    77. The ability to sprint is also important to escape danger and evade predators.
    78. Sprint training can help you perform better in your marathon, especially the final kick.
    79. Sprint training will help you in our 5k, 10k and half marathon.
    80. Sprinting in the mall makes you feel like a James Bond. That is a special feeling.
    81. Not exploring the world of sprinting means that you are actively choosing to be slow and non-athletic.
    82. Use it or lose it. If you stop sprinting you will eventually lose your ability to turn on the turbo boosters.
    83.  All parents need the ability to sprint to either save or protect their children from harm and danger.
    84. Being able to out sprint high school kids is a blessing.
    85. Being able to catch high school kids is often necessary (especially us Father’s with daughters).
    86. While jumping from one side of the creek to the other side, often a 10 meter sprint is needed as a launching pad.
    87. When the bar fight breaks out, sprinting to the exit is a good idea.
    88. When the gang bangers are trying to corner you, sprinting away from the danger often is the best solution.
    89. When your IBS acts up, sprinting to the nearest toilet can be a life saver.
    90. If you are a black Friday shopper, sprinting to the technology section when the store doors open will guarantee you a better price on a 60 inch TV.
    91.  Competing in Master track meets is incredibly fun and challenging.
    92. Sprinting itself builds significant range of motion and short ground contact times.
    93. Good efficient sprinting will reduce the risk of injury
    94. Few movements are as intense as a full out sprint. You therefore stimulate the high threshold motor units.
    95. The 100 meter dash determines the World’s fastest man or woman. Why not enter a track and field meet and compete in the 100 meter dash? You just might fall in love with track and field.
    96. Acceleration work is the most significant portion of sprint training.
    97. Overall technique and velocity is highly determined by arm mechanics.  The good news is that arm mechanics are very easy to fix. In fact, you can perform your arm mechanic drills indoors and that is super convenient.
    98. We are now discovering that sprinting activates specific parts of our genes that enhance total body function and health.
    99. Marching and Skipping enhance the coordination of the lower body mechanics.
    100.                Efficient sprinting improves POSTURE and BODY AWARENESS.
    101.                Sprinting well means you are like James Bond or a secret agent. It is always good to train like a secret agent.

    Hopefully you are convinced that sprinting is a skill that you need to and want to put into your training regime.  Of course some of the reasons I put down are quite funny but there is some truth to even the funny ones.  So are you up for the challenge? Are you doing to commit to learning sprinting?

    And if you have decided yes, I hope to see you at one of our Primal Speed Sprinting Courses soon where will teach you the essential of sprint technique and programming.

    As always, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.